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Las Vegas Vasectomy

Dr. Michael S Kaplan, recognized previously as “Top Doctor” by Las Vegas Magazine and “Consultant of the Year” by the state Family Practice Association, has performed more than 10,000 Las Vegas Vasectomy procedures. He performs the No-Needle No-Scalpel Vasectomy for most patients in less than 15 minutes, with minimal pain, discomfort and post-operative complications. The recovery time is reduced and patients often return to normal exercise routines and sexual activity within five days.

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No-Needle, No-Scalpel Vasectomy

The No-Scalpel Vasectomy, pioneered in China in 1974 and introduced in the United States in 1985, has been the preferred long term birth control for more than 15 Million men worldwide. Dr. Michael S. Kaplan, M.D., a Board Certified Urologist and one of the most experienced Las Vegas vasectomy surgeons in the country, specializes in the No-Needle, No-Scalpel Vasectomy. This highly effective technique enhances the No-Scalpel procedure utilizing a pressurized spray anesthetic that further minimizes the invasiveness of this procedure.

Generally, the 95% satisfaction rate reported by men who have had the No-Needle, No-Scalpel Vasectomy comes as a result of more satisfying sex lives once the risk of unwanted pregnancy from unprotected sexual intercourse has been eliminated.

Vasectomy FAQs

Is The "No-Scalpel, No-Needle" Vasectomy Painful?

This revolutionary technique is the least painful of all procedures, and requires the least amount of recovery time.

The older version, still being performed by some doctors, requires numbing of the scrotum and one or two small incisions, allowing a surgeon to gain access to the vas deferens, the area of the testicle that transports sperm, of each testicle. The vasa deferentia are cut and sealed by tying, stitching, cauterization (burning), or otherwise clamped to prevent sperm from entering the seminal stream.

The newer, “No Needle No Scalpel” surgery uses a jet injector which sprays an anesthetic solution through the skin and around the vas that patients describe as "gentle snap of a rubber band" against the scrotal skin. This technique greatly reduces anxiety in patients and most men return to work the next day or, if the procedure is performed on a Friday, almost always on Monday. Swelling of the surgical site and bruising of the scrotum are usually minimal, and a cold press should be applied for approximately four hours after your procedure. Most men feel a tenderness in the area for a few days but can return to normal activities and exercise within a week.

How Long Before I Become Sterile?

After your vasectomy, you will need to come back for a sperm test to make absolutely sure that all of the sperm are out. It can take up to 30 ejaculations to clear all sperm from your vas deferens. Make sure to use alternate forms of birth control in the meantime.

When Can I Have Sex Again?

You can have sex as soon as you feel comfortable doing so. Keep in mind that until you have your sperm tested, there is no way of knowing that all the sperm are out, so continue using protection. There should be no noticeable difference in sexual peformance or sensation than prior to surgery. However, some couples feel more relaxed after the surgery.

Will I Experience A Loss In Sexual Performance or Sensation?

There should be no difference in your ability to perform than prior to your vasectomy. Also, sexual sensation and enjoyment does not decrease after you've had a procedure.

Will My Vasectomy Prevent Pregnancy?

Yes, sperm has to come in contact with semen for your partner to get pregnant. A vasectomy blocks the sperm from the semen, making pregnancy impossible.

Will My Vasectomy Stop The Transmission of STD's?

A vasectomy only prevents pregnancy. Sexually transmitted diseases can still be passed. Always use a condom to protect yourself from STD’s.

What Happens To My Sperm?

Sperm will continue to be produced and housed in the testicles and tube. Sperm are eventually recycled back into the body, while hormone levels remain the same.

Can The No-Needle, No-Scalpel Procedure Be Reversed?

Yes it can; however, the decision to have a vasectomy cannot be taken lightly as the reattachment of the tubes does not have a 100% success rate and can cost several thousand dollars. Decide on a vasectomy only when you are certain you no longer wish to have children.

Vasectomy Reversal

Perhaps you might be wondering if the no needle no scalpel vasectomy can be reversed, and the answer is yes, it can. The cauterized tubes can be reattached. However, it should be cautioned that tube reattachment does not have a 100% success rate, and will come with all the risks inherent in surgical procedures. It can also cost several thousand dollars. Instead of risking all that, it is better to have never had one in the first place!

Who should get a vasectomy? Some general guidelines:

  • Men over the age of 30 who are sure they do not ever want to have kids again.
  • Men for whom other forms of contraception are unsafe alternatives, either for themselves or their spouse.
  • Men that would like to enjoy sex without the fear of having an unwanted pregnancy.
  • Men who are not 'forced' into the decision by a push spouse, or financial needs (which can change).
  • Men who want to take the responsibility of contraception away from their spouse.
  • Men who have a concern about possibly passing on a genetic or hereditary disability or disease.

In Closing

Remember, it is wise to consider the vasectomy to be a permanent operation, so please take the time to consider your vasectomy reversal decision to have one thoroughly. It should not be done on a whim. Make sure to have a discussion with your physician or urologist ahead of time so that you understand what they procedure involves.

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